Workers' Samaritan Federation

Dear visitor,

perhaps the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (Workers` Samaritan Federation) is known to you because of the package actions to St. Petersburg. Possibly the ASB ambulances on the road were noticed by you or one of the many ASB institutions is situated in your neighbourhood.

We are pleased about your interest in the ASB and would like to introduce ourselves to you via this homepage.

Several hundred honorary persons and approx. 850 full-time employees as well as a large number of persons doing social work instead of military service work around the clock in the Hamburg ASB in order to help people. Our work includes a large variety of tasks which reaches from home care to relief work abroad and at home.

These tasks require special knowledge and qualifications, empathy and discretion, which are essential basics of our work.
How everything began 100 years ago and in which way the ASB Hamburg wants to help people nowadays and in future without regard to their politics, race, nationality or religion is described on our homepage.

Sincerely Yours

Michael Sander (managing director)

For further information please contact us by telephone, fax or email.